Protea Real Estate Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it! Read what our clients Have to Say About Our Commercial Real Estate, Property Management, Financial, and Related Services:

I wish I would have hired Protea four years before I did.
~D.M. Flower Mound, Texas

Thank goodness we turned to Protea for help. our apartment properties were in dire straits and Protea did the best job that anyone could have done. In all the years Protea has managed our shopping centers, I have never had reason to complain about anything.
~SP Dallas, Texas

We really needed to get our property taxes reduced, and Protea fought hard for us, and exceeded our best expectations.
~JS Seattle, Washington

We had been overpaying for the insurance of our properties, and our management company never told us. We changed management to Protea, and almost immediately, Protea reduced that cost by over a third.
~DW, Toronto, Canada

I also told her of all the accounting folks she’ll deal with, you’ll have the stuff together the best, and that is from my personal experience.
~Thompson And Company Certified Public Accountants, PC.

Thank you and your fine staff for the Gift Basket, but more importantly, thanks for the absolutely marvelous job you are doing managing our properties.

We feel like Sandra has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of our complex.  She has provided the board with options and thoughts as each contract nears renewal and or when services are not being performed.  When Mrs. Martin first came to our complex, it had not been managed prudently, the books were off and one of our tax returns was not filed from previous years, our contracts had not been negotiated better, records were missing and some had not even been created (rules and regulations).  There has been a lot of leg work provided by Sandra and we are very appreciative of her hard work.  At the end of the day, we, the complex, are a better run organization due to Sandra’s work.  It’s because of this work we feel it is important to show her how much we appreciate her and we do not want it to go unrecognized.
~Zeph Rouquette

Tom and I can’t thank everyone at Protea enough for their professionalism, hard work, loyalty and integrity during the 10 years of managing LLSams, Especially you Pat, you have been absolutely wonderful!
~David J. Marks, Director of Real Estate

Thank you so much for your hard work, diligence and support with my yard project. I love my new year – it looks beautiful! And it’s all because of your tenacity and ability to make things happen. You are such a team player, positive and helpful to our neighborhood. It inspires me to want to work harder and be my best at work, too!
~Tamara M.



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Thank you for considering Protea Real Estate as your complete full service property management company. We look forward to doing business with you.

Godfrey R. Traub, President