Multi Family Real Estate Management

Protea has had extensive experience with the management of every type and class of Multi Family Real Estate Management.

What distinguishes Protea from its competitors, is that it performs every aspect of this property management better than they do, and Protea can provide references to bolster its claims in that regard.

Of the utmost importance is choosing the right on-site staff for the property concerned. An error in this respect can be disastrous. Protea has always made the best choices possible for its owners.

Equally important is the ability of your apartment property management company to promote and advertise leasing at your apartment community effectively. We pride ourselves at always achieving excellence in this regard, no matter whether the property concerned is an “A”, “B” or “C”.

Protea’s Multi Family Real Estate Management covers every other aspect of apartment property management, including:

  • Background checks on prospective tenants
  • Collection of rent and other revenue
  • Negotiating leases and lease renewals
  • Payment of on-site staff payroll
  • Payment of expenses
  • Arranging insurance
  • Preparing annual budgets
  • Overseeing of repairs, renovations and upgrades
  • Supervising service contracts and third-party contractors
  • and much more

Student Housing

We can manage these for you!

You know how hard it is today to attract and retain students. Most Colleges and Universities, whether public or private, face the same fierce competition you do for harder-to-come-by student dollars. Today’s students are more sophisticated, expecting off-campus housing to offer all the luxury conveniences and superior customer services they’re accustomed to at home – and then some.

Protea’s Team has 15 years experience in managing Off-Campus Housing. We are the leading apartment management company of Off-Campus Housing wherever we manage this type of property. We developed our marketing strategies with a strong goal of pre-leasing the available units for the following school year, and we successfully achieved our goal of 100% occupied by the first day of classes.

We cater to parents and students to make the transition between home and school a stress free zone. Our renewal rates surpassed our owners’ expectations and were based on the superior customer services we provided.

We design and develop the appropriate marketing plans in each case, and are able to lease the Off-Campus Student Housing to achieve the maximum revenue for their owners. We can manage your property and achieve the same results for you.

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