Real Estate Purchase / Negotiation

Protea is primarily a manager of real estate but also excels in finding prime income producing properties for clients with acceptable/affordable financing.

A case in point is an out-of-state client who wished to purchase an apartment complex in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Protea located a 192 unit complex for the client and the purchase was completed in early 2011. The client then upgraded both the exterior of the property and its interiors at a considerable cost.

One and half years later the client received an unsolicited offered to purchase the property at a price which would have netted the client a profit of $3,000,000 above his cost, including the improvements made.

The client declined to sell the property and intends to hold it as an investment.

The same client has just closed the purchase of a second apartment complex introduced to him by Protea in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Protea also introduced the financing the client needed to close this purchase.