Our services include:

Due Diligence

Due diligence is a vital exercise. Our due diligence is extremely detailed.

For Apartment Communities Protea will:

    • Do a property inspection,
    • Complete a lease and rent roll audit,
    • Check service contracts,
    • Arrange for experts to inspect the property,
    • Build a resident profile,
    • Scout the location,
    • Investigate insurance costs, easements, and
    • When asked, prepare our own detailed budget forecast.

For Shopping Centers, Office, and Industrial Properties:

    • We review the status of property tax and insurance,
    • Common area maintenance costs are negotiated on a regular basis,
    • Do an ongoing review of shared expenses, and
    • Arrange for an appraisal when asked.

Property Renovation

  • Experience in renovating and upgrading apartment communities,
  • Value Add, and
  • Construction Supervisory Service.

Negotiate to Lower Your Insurance Cost

  • Hire the public adjuster,
  • Handle all claims,
  • Hire contractors, and
  • File rent loss claims.


  • Create financial reports,
  • Cash or Accrual accounting is available, and
  • Process escrow accounts.

Property Tax Assessment Protests

  • File tax protests.

Additional Property Management Expertise

  • City Ordinance and Code Enforcement Issues,
  • State Laws, and
  • Current Market Conditions.

Maintenance Services

Some of the many services we provide are:

  • Troubleshooting,
  • HVAC Services,
  • Plumbing Services,
  • Fence Repair,
  • Emergencies, and
  • We are fully insured.