About Protea Real Estate

Protea Real Estate was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1997. Over the years, we have managed over a hundred apartments and shopping centers, dozens of Homeowner’s Associations, as well as industrial properties. A list of our current properties can be found on our Properties page.

Since July 2022, the company is now run by Lawrence Traub and his very competent staff.
Protea Real Estate management specializes in:

Multi-Family Property Management
Retail Property Management
Association Management
Office and Industrial Property Management

Protea is a “turnkey” real estate management company. Our combined experience is very extensive and enables us to advise you on the property you intend to purchase; to do as complete a due diligence regarding the purchase as you may want; to manage the property once purchased; and to carry out whatever rehabilitation and renovations of the property that you may require.