Real Estate Purchase / Negotiation

Protea is primarily a manager of real estate but also excels in finding prime income producing properties for clients with acceptable/affordable financing.

A case in point is an out-of-state client who wished to purchase an apartment complex in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Protea located a 192 unit complex for the client and the purchase was completed in early 2011. The client then upgraded both the exterior of the property and its interiors at a considerable cost.

One and half years later the client received an unsolicited offered to purchase the property at a price which would have netted the client a profit of $3,000,000 above his cost, including the improvements made.

The client declined to sell the property and intends to hold it as an investment.

The same client has just closed the purchase of a second apartment complex introduced to him by Protea in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Protea also introduced the financing the client needed to close this purchase.

Homeowner Association Management

Homeowners and Condominium Management Services

Protea has successfully managed all types of associations for many years, and we understand the importance of a well-organized and effective association. Our team is thoroughly skilled in the practice of working co-operatively with owners and their association management boards. With years of experience in this sector, our infrastructure is firmly in place to provide efficiency and value, while developing a strong sense of community for every project we manage. We value importance of association management and provide the following services for property owners in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex:

  • Enforce Association Rules and Regulations
  • Collect Dues
  • Pay Association Operating Expenses
  • Oversee board approved renovations and upgrades to the property
  • Coordinate and supervise service contracts
  • Provide detailed monthly accounting statements to the board
  • Attend board meetings and
  • Work with attorneys to collect unpaid homeowner dues

We are highly regarded by the many boards who use us and continue to focus on providing quality service to all our Homeowner Associations’ and Condominium Associations’ clients.
Please contact Wee Reed to find out how Protea can help you manage your HOA.

Retail, Office and Industrial Property Management

Retail/Office & Industrial Property Management

Protea has extensive experience in the effective management of office buildings and industrial properties.
Our team has demonstrated effectiveness in leasing, day-to-day management, and maintenance of these high traffic and important properties in our community. A sampling of the office and industrial property management services we provide is listed below:

  • Negotiate lease renewals,
  • Arrange for payment of all operating expenses,
  • Oversee owner approved renovations and upgrades to the property,
  • Co-ordinate and supervise service contracts for the property,
  • Provide detailed monthly accounting statements to the owner,
  • Prepare annual budgets for the property, and
  • Bill tenants for their share of expenses.

At Protea, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service for our clients and their tenants, while continually focusing on saving our clients’ money and collecting all potential revenues. E-mail Sandra Martin on how Protea can help manage your office, retail center, or industrial property.

Multi Family Real Estate Management

Protea has significant experience in managing class “A”, “B”, and “C” apartment communities.

What distinguishes Protea from its competitors, is that we perform every aspect of property management with a “we care attitude”.

Of the utmost importance is choosing the right on-site staff for the property concerned. An error in this respect can be disastrous. Protea has always made the best choices possible for its owners.

Protea’s Multifamily Real Estate Management Covers

  • Background checks on prospective tenants
  • Collection of rent and other revenue
  • Negotiating leases and lease renewals
  • Payment of on-site staff payroll
  • Payment of expenses
  • Arranging insurance
  • Preparing annual budgets
  • Prepare monthly budget variance reports
  • Overseeing of repairs, renovations and upgrades
  • Supervising service contracts and third-party contractors

Please contact either Lawrence Traub or Cathie Hood for more information on how Protea can manage your apartment community.